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Creating Youth Group/Cell Phone Unity December 15, 2008

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Remember when cell phones were known as car phones and they were the size of a cinder block?  Those days are long gone and it seems like everyone has a cell phone these days.  We have kids as young as 10 at our church that have cell phones.

So why not try to add some kind of fun an unity with your youth group with having your own ring tone?

Phonezoo.com is a free website where you can 1) Find a whole bunch of free ring tones, pictures and animations for your cell phone but most importantly 2) make your own!

Heres a couple of easy applications:

  • Have an inside joke or phrase that is used in your youth group?  Turn it into a ring tone for your whole group.
  • Easily share phone pictures with the rest of your group.  You can send files to and from phonezoo with your phone.

There are lots of possibilities!  Not to mention it’s just a neat site to check out and see what’s available!