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The Perfect Youth Pastor December 31, 2008

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Today I have the top 10 ways to be the “Perfect Youth Pastor”!

No.  I don’t.  In fact, if I was to make a top 10 list like that–it would more likely be “The Top 10 Things NOT to do”!  But I came across this great post this morning about the myth of the perfect youth pastor.  You have to give churches credit: They want to do their very best in reaching their young people.  But often times they get the wrong idea about who they want to hire for the position.

Well over at Random Thoughts from a Random Man, I came across this great entry about the myth of the perfect youth pastor.  Take some time and check it out.


Another Site Recommendation November 28, 2008

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Life In Student Ministry is a website that I’ve recommended before but it bears repeating.  Each week, Tim posts new thoughts, articles, video blogs and devotional thoughts specifically for youth workers.  There is enough here to keep you reading for weeks!  

There is also a feature each week called Freebie Friday where, as you guessed it, freebies can be downloaded right to your computer.  Freebies include: lessons, forms, discipleship guides, ideas, and many, many more.  Each Friday you can also check out live online conversations between Tim and other youth workers that are in the trenches about various topics that we continue to face.  You can even participate in the discussion from your own phone!

One of the neatest things about Tim’s site is that he will occasionally give away great resources.  I say this, because I just won a 20 DVD video curriculum set from YouthBytes just from participating on the blog.  What a great way to get involved!

So if you haven’t been there yet, check it out!