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Most Popular of 2008! December 30, 2008

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Here are the entries that made the top 5 for 2008 here at Just a Youth Ministry Geek:

#5. The Grass Is Always Greener…I wrote this post in the midst of overcoming youth group envy!  We’ve all felt it, that time when you saw that particular church or youth group and wished you were in similar circumstances.  Don’t!

#4.  Youth Ministry on a Tight Budget. Churches today are starting to cut budgets in the face of our economic problems.  So what do you do when your budget is cut and you need resources?  Here are some suggestions.

#3.  Book Review: Youth Ministry 3.0. Mark Oestricher’s book on where youth ministry has been and where it’s going (or needs to go).  If you haven’t read it, get on it!
#2.  What’s the Big Deal About Twilight? Lots of different people have lots of different opinions when it comes to the Twilight series.  It’s a series that we will continue to have parents come and ask questions about.

#1.  Reaching Gamers Part 1. The first installment of my unfinished series.  I still plan on finishing the series!  I promise!  Gamers are a large percentage within students today.  What’s interesting is that it is made of many different tribes.  Here I give an introduction to the whole subject.

That’s the top posts for 2008!

What would you like to see for 2009?