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Photo Editing on a Budget November 17, 2008

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So you’re back from your week long mission trip in Mexico and you have 200 different pictures that you’ve taken throughout the week and you need to touch them up a little bit.  You could go and spend $500 on a photoshop program, or you could look for a much cheaper solution.  I found the following programs to be a great alternative to pricey programs that work just as well!

For those of you that are Photoshop friendly and understand how to manage layers and brushes and other things like that, try Gimp.  It’s free and has lots of add-ons and tools and brushes that are freely available for you to use!

For those of you that aren’t as knowledgeable about programs like Photoshop but want an easy way to touch up and edit your photos, check out Picnik!  Picnik is web-based so you can upload your photos and edit them from where ever you are.  You can add some really nifty effects to your pictures and it integrates with Facebook!

Both are great alternatives to expensive programs!  Check them out!