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Reflections on the NYWC part 3 November 24, 2008

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After 2 full days of stuff on Friday and Saturday, I decided to take a quieter approach to my convention today being as that my typical Sunday is 12 hours long.

So I went to the conversation series today about Rural/Small town churches with Adam McClane (Hey thanks for signing my grant info sheet!) and got a lot out of it. Sometimes serving in a small rural church can be so incredibly frustrating and it was great to see that other people have the same struggles I do. It was great conversation.

I made a point to skip the main sessions today to rest, take in some time for reading and just kind of mull over some of the things I’ve learned the past 2 days.

This afternoon I tried something different…something that’s completely outside of what I’m used to: The Labyrinth. I don’t want to go into full detail about what it is because I would take a while, I took 10 minutes just trying to tell my wife about what it was, but it’s a journey through a labyrinth that takes you from your outside distractions, to the center of God’s presence and then back out with the focus to the outside world. It was great! I found myself rested, almost cradled in the arms of God. A whole new world of worship was opened up to me.

So tonight, as I said, I’m skipping the main session to have some alone time, watch some tv (24!!) and do some more reading. Great day, I got a lot out of it even though I didn’t do a whole lot of “stuff”.

Still hoping to get a photo with Marko before I leave, but that’s probably not likely.


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  1. all ya gotta do is find me!

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