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Reflections of the NYWC part 4 November 24, 2008

Filed under: youth ministry — Dj @ 11:52 pm

My seminar stunk today.  I don’t want to say who or what it was about but I wanted to leave the whole time.  

But that’s okay, because the final general session made up for it.

Marko kicked the crap out of me…in a good way.  I”m so guilty of what he was talking about.  I kept thinking about the “If onlys” I’ve built into my brain for ministry.

If only we had this nice youth room.
If only we had extra staff.
If only…
If only…

But we already have exactly what we need for a successful ministry, the rest of those things are simply distractions.  I needed to hear that.

All in all an amazing convention.  Thanks so much for everyone at YS and all the hard work you do and all the prayer and time you put into in investing in youth workers.  Thanks!  See you at YSOneDay!


2 Responses to “Reflections of the NYWC part 4”

  1. mclanea Says:

    Sorry your seminar stunk. Um, was it the one I was in? I mean, I can take it!

  2. Dj Says:

    Hah! No no! The only seminar we were both in was the Small/Rural church conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed that one a lot!

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