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Reflections on NYWC part 1 November 21, 2008

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I’ve been in my hotel for literally, 10 minutes and I’m sitting down to put my thoughts onto here before I lose them.

First about General session 1…Wow!!

I found my way to the Arena about 2 hours early and grabbed a seat in the very front row, stage right.  I’ve never had an opportunity to be in the front row because huge churches send one person to grab 50 seats so I always miss out.  This time…those big churches weren’t going to knock me down!  I probably wasn’t supposed to be there that early but no one said anything to me and Tic even made the comment that we grabbed our seats WAY early.  I figured if Tic didn’t say anything…it was okay!

YS always does a wonderful job in making youth workers feel welcome and appreciated and I just love that!

One phrase that Marko said that really stood out to me (and this is a paraphrase): “Remember the holiness of wasting time…”  I always feel pressured to go to every single seminar I can while I”m here, and I needed a reminder to go at my own pace to where God is leading me.  Right now, I’m skipping the seminar so I can write this and get settled into the hotel.

Mercy Me was amazing, as expected.  I know their more popular stuff so there was a song or two that I wasn’t familiar with.  It was great none the less.

Joe Castillo FLOORED me with his sand art interpretation of the prodigal son.  At first I didn’t know exactly what he was trying to say and then it hit me!  At the very end, he made the sand picture of the father and the son, and turned the son into a lamb, and the father into Jesus.  I nearly cried.

Francis Chan was the speaker.  I wasn’t familiar with him before this afternoon but I will make sure I hear some more of his stuff.  He kicked the crap out of me!  He talked about cowardice and how we just don’t say what we need to say and we don’t do what the church should do!  I plan to buy the sermon and listen to it again so I can really write down some of those thoughts.

And of course who could forget the David Crowder Band.  Personally, they are my favorite…and they never disappoint.  Seems like they were having some technical problems while on stage but that’s to be expected, but you couldnt’ tell, they were spot on.

General session 2 is up at 7:30.  For now, I’m off to find some food!


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