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Are We In Dire Peril?? October 2, 2008

Filed under: christians,church,ministry,news — Dj @ 12:28 pm

With all this stuff going on about the economy, a lot of people are worried.  As I was reading part of my book this morning I came across this passage out of On Being a Servant of God by Warren Wiersbe.  This is what he says:

During my lifetime, the church has been warned about the disastrous effects on society of movies, radio, automobiles, communism, alcohol, television, “the pill,” the population explosion, nuclear weapons, liberalism (theological and political), conservatism (theological and political), electing a Roman Catholic president, the cold war, pollution, ecological time bombs, abortion, sex education, ERA, the national debt, and several other threats that fell through the cracks somewhere along the line.  Just about the time we thought we could breathe freely again, somebody told us to reach for our wallets and prepare for another peril

And yet, here we are!  Somehow we have survived!

Not that some of these matters aren’t important and deserving of the Christian citizen’s attention.  But the threat of communism seems to have declined and, with it, the threat of nuclear war.  They tell us that the cold war is over, although I’m not yet clear about how that will affect the future ministry of the gospel.  We survived a Roman Catholic president and even a president who didn’t attend church at all.  As for the national debt, many citizens are so deep in debt personally that they aren’t worried about national fiscal irresponsibility.

What I’m saying is that things change, old problems fade, and new problems take their place, but life goes on; and you and I have but one life to live and a job to do for God before it ends.  I can’t do much about changing the world, but that doesn’t keep me awake at night.  Even the people in authority can’t do much about changing the world.  But I can do something about bringing God’s presence into the world in which He has put me, and that’s what ministry is all about.


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