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Top 10 Worst Selling Youth Ministry Books July 8, 2008

Filed under: adventures in youth ministry,funny,top 10 — Dj @ 3:33 pm

by Scott Firestone (Group Magazine)

10. Time Shares and Texas Hold ‘Em: Creative Fundraising Ideas
9. No Halos for Halo: Why Jesus Hates Video Games and Video Gamers
8. The Gaithers: Rockers for Jesus or the Devil’s Marionettes
7. The Care Bears: Leading Teens Down the Dark Road of the Occult
6. SUPERGOOD Life Lessons From SUPERBAD – Includes CD with Video Clips!
5. Budget and Salaries: Youth Ministry on $1 a Day!
4. Defensive Driving Tips for Your 15-Passenger Metal Box of Death On Wheels
3. 101 Flannelgraph Bible Lessons for Teenagers
2. Chubby Bunny: How an Addiction to Marshmellows Ruined My Ministry
1. Junior High Bible Studies: Song of Solomon


3 Responses to “Top 10 Worst Selling Youth Ministry Books”

  1. jeremyzach Says:

    i laughed at the jr high study of Song of Songs.

    could you imagine?

  2. Dj Says:

    Oh how fun that would be!

    The one halo for halo one dropped me!

  3. Jeremy Isaacs Says:

    That’s hilarious…

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