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Being a ‘Bigger Loser’ February 1, 2008

Filed under: bigger loser contest,weight loss — Dj @ 2:36 pm

A couple of weeks ago, one of the men that I look up to a lot in youth ministry posted on his blog about his personal need to lose weight. Mark Oestricher of Youth Specialties talked about how they had toyed around the idea of having a contest to see who could be a ‘bigger loser than Marko’. Me, and apparently a lot of others jumped on the bandwagon and thought that would be a great idea.

Thus the contest had begun!

Today I officially joined the community to start this “Biggest Loser” contest. The prizes are pretty neat, I have to admit, however the motivation to finally do what I’ve been trying to do is an even better reward. My goal weight is 190 lbs. I’m flucuate between 230 and 240 and to be under 200 would just be amazing. So here’s what I’m going to do about it.

A couple of weeks ago, someone slipped $150 worth of Chamber of Commerce gift cards underneath my office door as a Christmas present. I vowed then and there to use that money to get in better shape with either the purchase of a treadmill or exercise bike. I still don’t know who gave that money, but it was a blessing and I plan to use it to better my health. Obesity runs in my family, and thankfully heart disease does not, but just the though of being able to run and play a game of football and not be all out of breath is just an amazing thought to me.

So, I ask for your prayers and your support. This is going to be difficult for me and I’ll need lots of help. My diet isn’t horrible per se, but I didn’t get to 240 by eating broccoli. So with a combination of better diet and exercise I hope to drop under 200 lbs by the middle of April. We’ll see what happens!


2 Responses to “Being a ‘Bigger Loser’”

  1. RelientKdawg Says:

    I eat better now because of my cholesterol. Subway is the greatest. So is the exercise series Turbo Jam. Best of luck to you!

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