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Adventures In Youth Ministry 1 January 3, 2008

I wanted to start a series on here entitled: “Adventures in Youth Ministry” where I share funny stories, anecdotes, and even the dark times of youth ministry. To kick off this series I want to begin with a funny “Top 10” that is in this month’s issue of Group Magazine. FYI, I wrote a letter to Rick Lawrence the editor of Group and he published it in this issue as well, but that’s just bonus. The following was written by “Steve” a contributing editor of Group and not written by me.

Top 10 Rejected VBS Song Titles

10. I’ll never be as good as Jesus
9. Come on down to Brokeback Ranch
8. What did David do with Goliath’s Head, Head, Head?
7. I get a buzz from the Savior’s love
6. John, John, John the Methodist
5. Vomit, you big fish, Vomit
4. She-bear, she-bear (Poor Elisha had no hair)
3. C’mon, it’s time to Exegete!
2. We’re gonna build a new church (with the $ in mommy’s wallet)
1. Father Abraham had many sons (and wives!)


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