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Question for readers December 1, 2007

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For discussion:

Is there ever a time when a church split is a “good thing”?


6 Responses to “Question for readers”

  1. katbradley Says:

    Well, there is sometimes a time of pruning… Hurts, but growth will follow…

  2. Relientkdawg Says:

    One word. NDCC

  3. Rocknrollmomma06 Says:

    my home church went thru several splits during my growing up years. i never knew much about them, but the general cause was that someone was being divisive and so they branched off and gathered a tiny following. the offshoots never seemed to last long either, they’d fizzle out soon afterwards. so i guess in those cases it was a good thing because the people who were trying to stir up trouble were weeded out…or at least that’s my take.

  4. katbradley Says:

    NDCC? Help…

  5. Dj Says:

    NDCC is “New Day Christian Church” formerly known as First Christian Church of Port charlotte, my home church.

    Lots of not so good things going on there.

  6. knee socks Says:

    There is a right time but it really sucks that it has to be that way. We are, each one of us, fallen and therefore every body of Christ is taxed by human melodrama. What should never be okay is for people to simply leave. A disagreement hot enough to prompt a family to leave a church is a symptom of a spiritual illness. That illness may belong to the person who leaves or it may belong to other church members -but either way it needs to be addressed.

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