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It costs how much?? March 22, 2007

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With the prospect of buying a new home, I wanted to do some research on ways to saving a couple of dollars on bills and such (aka be a cheap skate…but hey…we need the money!) Me and Carrie were discussing the difference of her moving in when we’re married on the electric bill and how we can offset some of that.

Did you know that in electric it costs the following?

Aquarium 30 gallon $3.67 / month (We have a 55 gallon!!!! Ouch!)
Computer w/Monitor, Printer 77.6¢ / week
Hair Dryer (hand held) 9.9¢ / hour
Television (color, solid state) 22.9¢ / 10 hours (I used to sleep with the TV on till I read this. Emphasis on “used to”)
Clothes Dryer 41¢ / load (going out and buying clothes pins this weekend!)
Refrigerator (frost-free, 21.5 cu. ft.) 2003 $3.76 / month
Heater (portable) 1500 watt 12.3¢ / hour
Heating System (blower) $7.32 / month
Air Conditioner (36,000 BTU, central) 10 SEER $58.61 / month

Makes you rethink your electric use

Here is the full list


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